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Coffee and Lemon Cake
Minimal Office
Cooking Class

Parenting Programs And Workshops

Workshops are offered on topics that the parents themselves choose. This could be anything from allergies, head lice, child discipline, stress, self esteem etc.

We also offer the parenting programs Nobody's Perfect, Children and Stress and Basic Cooking.

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Craft Corner

Craft Corner is offered once a month to the parents attending playgroups. The sign up sheet with a  picture of the craft is posted at each playgroup where parents register. Those who register will go to a separate room to do the craft while the children are supervised in the play area on the day the craft is planned.

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Parents Social

During the winter, parents from all playgroups are invited to Chipman for a day of crafting, workshops, guest speakers and great food. This is a time for parents to relax, discuss activities happening in their playgroups and establish connections with other parents.

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